Monday, February 23, 2009

El Amor: A Story Beginning in Spanish

El Amor deserves to be published in our new issue of Imaginary Literary Magazine because it collapses the boy meets girl story into a condensed, powerful form. The anxiety, the attraction, the strange things we do (stopping five steps away): all of these are the building blocks of the romance story. Here we also have the spectator, the unseen observer who gives us his/her own opinion on it all, with traces of Spanish sentiments. The moment is turned into a dance, Flamenco or bolero, scripted into DNA, and the entire scene is one beautiful, natural performance. At the end the observer reminds us how it was they observed this scenario, leaning out the window at the threat of their own life. That instant is potent.

I also appreciate how the touch of Spanish affects this story. Most of the words are simple enough for anyone with no Spanish language background to understand. Those that aren't and to the slightly exotic feel of the story. The author gave us just enough to be intrigued without surfeit of detail or loss of narrative significance.


  1. While I also liked the story, what with its great lyrical language, not to mention an interesting premise, I felt like it was all lost in the delivery for me. By the end, the story seemed like all show and no substance, which compounded with the weak ending, made it seem to just come up short.

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